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Our sail co-op is worker-owned!

(el transporte marítimo a vela)
Salish Sea Trading Cooperative, a program of the Salish Sea Trading and Transport Foundation, relies on wind and tide to transport locally produced goods around Puget Sound by sailboat. Our goals are to conserve precious energy resources, lower our carbon footprint, and re-introduce the idea of sail as everyday transport while building resiliency into our local food shed. And have fun along the way.


Our Facebook page, updated weekly, is the easiest way to get updates on your neighborhood sailors. We’ve set it to “public” so you don’t need a Facebook account–any ol’ browser should do. Thanks for visiting and your interest in small-scale community sail transport!

We support Initiative 522!

Aargh, ye scalliwags! Don’t be goin’ about messing with our CSA vegetables or other food!

2014 Season

Co-op April meetings

Wednesday evening, April 9th, 6 – 8 pm, Ballard Coffee Works Community Room

  • Updates: naval architects, insurance, Open Food Hub, email aliases, and business dev.

Wednesday evening, April 30th, 6 – 8 pm, Ballard Coffee Works Community Room

  • SAVE THE DATE for SEASON KICK OFF: Saturday afternoon, May 10th, 1 – 3 pm, Ballard Library Main Conference Room

    Join us for snacks, coffee, tea and drinks. Agenda TBD, your feedback welcomed.

Cargo Boat Fundraiser at Toast Ballard, TBD

Thank you, Frank and Ashlie, for offering the cafe free of charge for a fundraiser!

Prior events

Wednesday evening, March 19th, 6 – 8 pm, Ballard Coffee Works

  • Review of coastal trade regulations with Coast Guard liaison Lieutenant Commander Jarrod DeWitz. Special guest Greg Schundler, sail/canoe/bike transport, South Puget Sound.

Wednesday evening, March 5th, 6 – 8 pm, Ballard Coffee Works Community Room

  • Naval architect update and introduction of Open Food Hub developer, Ashley Engelund.

Wednesday evening, February 12th, 6 – 8 pm, Ballard Coffee Works Community Room


  • Building new or renovating an existing sailboat? Answering this question will decide our path and costs.
  • Fundraising platforms
  • Update on our application to become a food stamp (SNAP) acceptor so we can ensure fresh healthy vegetables for many more folks through our CSA.

Saturday afternoon, January 25th, 2 – 4 pm, Ballard Coffee Works Community Room

Discussion: selection of naval architect and initial existing boat reviews…

Local food producers’ focus group

We moved this to an online forum. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful feedback re: shipping chocolate, grains, wine, cider, veggies, snails…We’ve already consulted with our local WSDA office to understand their requirements and industry best practices.

End-of-Season Debriefing!

Please join us this Saturday, December 7th, from 12 pm noon to 2 pm at Toast Ballard, at the big pine table for our traditional debriefing. We’ll discuss what went well, where we could improve, and strategic planning and development for the co-op. Children welcome.


  • 2013 season
  • Specifications and planning for the purpose-built scow, including design, project management, naval architect, and crowdfunding ideas update
  • Co-op culture, membership, and structure: worker-only? Both worker and customer? Including update about assistance from the Northwest Cooperative Development Center
  • Technology and bookkeeping improvements
  • Your agenda item here

Can’t attend but interested? Email us and we’ll copy you on the notes we’ll share out on our Google Docs space.

We believe the spirits of Captain Joshua Green and Thea Foss are looking down on us and smiling. :-) Come join us Saturday, October 5th, 2 PM, at the big pine community table as we dream and plan the purpose-built scow for our Ballard and beyond. Find us at the remodeled and renamed Toast Ballard (formerly Aster Coffee Lounge)–they still have strong lattes, great local beer, and have updated their food menu!

Can’t make the meeting but interested? Please email us (info [at] salishseatrading.com) and we’ll add you to the scow planning group alias.

Join us September 23rd, Monday, 6:30 PM as the co-op takes a midseason look at progress, Ballard Library main conference room.

We celebrated a solid kick-off at the Ballard Library, Saturday, June 1st, and have our CSA schedule set! Thank you to skippers and crews for donating their sailboats, time, and expertise in transitioning our world away from fossil fuels.

We’re also busy with local business development to expand what we carry and applying for grants. Over the winter, we’re building a purpose-built scow with refrigerated cargo space. Please contact us if you’d like to crew or assist in building out the cooperative, or work on the scow. Our infrastructure is in place and we’re rarin’ to go with carbon-neutral transport for local goods.

CSA schedule: organic veggie box pickup from 10 AM – 12 PM at Toast Ballard (formerly known as Aster Coffee Lounge)

  • Sunday, June 30th
  • Sunday, July 13th
  • Sunday, July 28th
  • Sunday, August 11th
  • Sunday, August 25th
  • Sunday, September 8th
  • Sunday, September 22nd
  • Sunday, October 6th
  • Sunday, October 20th
  • Sunday, November 24th (Thanksgiving!)

How to Order

It’s easy to support the revitalization of sail transport and weaving a local, resilient economy: send us an order email to info@salishseatrading.com at least 4 days before the sail date. $30 for small CSA box.

We’re delighted that we can again offer Dharma Ridge Farm’s organic CSA box prices with a minimum of cost increase, at Toast Ballard (formerly Aster Coffee Lounge). Because we started sail transport in Ballard during the 2008 recession, we also continue the option of occasional purchase in acknowledgment that a big upfront payment may not be do-able for all.

Community Festivals and Celebrations


Seattle Tilth Harvest Fair

Saturday, September 7th, 10 AM – 4 PM.
Find us next to the Author and Book tent! Free kids’ activities: Simple origami sailboat making & a give-away: Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch pocket guide with Swedish fish candy


Jefferson County Farm Tour

Sunday, September 15th, 10 – 4 PM @ Port Ludlow docks.

Sail or carpool over to join S/V Renown as we participate for the second time as a tour stop. Refreshments served including first-time ever sampling of Rachel’s Ginger Beer on the peninsula.


Sustainable Ballard Festival

Sunday, September 30th, 11 AM – 6 PM.

Free kids’ activities: Simple origami sailboat making & a give-away: Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch pocket guide with Swedish fish candy

Harvest Feast

Saturday, October 26th, 10 AM – 8 PM.

The fourth annual Harvest Feast: honoring all our ancestors and bridging Native traditions with the local food movement. This cultural exchange and celebration will feed all who participate on many levels: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Just Garden Project builds free and subsidized gardens for low income and marginalized people throughout King County. These gardens provide families and communities with self-sufficient access to highly nutritious, organic food.

The United Indians Youth Home, Labateyah, is a nearly two-acre Youth Home in Crown Hill offering shelter and support for homeless youth ages 18 to 22. The program provides a place to stay, schooling and life skills.

Cascadia Grains Conference

Saturday, January 11th, 7:30 AM – 8:30 PM.

The second Cascadia Grains Conference will bring together farmers, processors and end-users, as well as investors, brokers and local government officials to support rebuilding a grain economy west of the Cascade Mountains in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia through three value-added enterprises: brewing and distilling, poultry and livestock feed, and artisan baking.

Our gift baskets of regional goods to “ship” to Erik and crew, S/V Ceres, Vermont Sail Freight, and Jan, Mark and crew, S/V Aquilo, Dragonfly Sail Transport, Lake Michigan, for their launches later this summer. What’s in that gift box, you ask? A reclaimed Western Red cedar plank for a weekend BBQ, sustainably produced via Whole Foods; a sister co-op’s coffee from Equal Exchange; our old friend Finnriver Cider; a Big Dipper candle from down in Georgetown; Deluxe Jam; Boat Street Pickled Plums; Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard; a magnet from the oldest Farmers’ Market of all: Pike Place; and last and never least, four bars of Theo Chocolate.

Check out our Projects page and see if one catches your eye.
What would a purpose-built sailboat look like for our region?

The hybrid Beaver (sail and steam), London-built in 1835. Primarily used in the Pacific Northwest under steam to service Hudson Bay’s trading posts.


Contact Us

“They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters…”
Psalms, 107:23-30, KJV

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