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Our sail co-op is worker-owned!

Working in harmony

with Nature’s gifts of wind and tide,
transporting our local goods

Thank you

Nash's wheat flour, transported by sail

Transported by sail!

End of season debriefing and mandatory voting quorum

Sunday, November 23rd, 2 – 4 pm, Ballard Library


2 – 2:30 Keynote speaker David Pearlstein (bio below)

2:30 – 3:30 Review of 2014 season

3:30 – 4:00 Plan for 2015 season

Please join us Sunday, 11/23, 2-4 pm, Ballard Library to share lessons learned, areas for improvement, and future business planning/strategy. Ashlie and Frank, from Toast Ballard, cater our light and locally sourced brunch, including vegan options. If you’ve been considering membership, this is an ideal time to meet other skippers and supporters, ask questions, and review the membership application. We’ll also have the Board position descriptions for review.

Keynote speaker David Pearlstein

Keynote speaker David Pearlstein

We’re excited to host keynote speaker David Pearlstein, founder and former owner of Link Lab Artisan Meats, who will share his small business experience including sage advice on approaching possible partners. We did a demonstration sail of his sausages to The Inn at Port Ludlow back in 2013. David, a former reference librarian, started his business with the mission of “helping responsible meat eaters support our amazing local farmers…..through sausage”.

The company’s USDA-inspected and approved production facility was originally built into David’s Seattle garage, and is likely the smallest and most untraditional federal production facility the USDA has ever agreed to work with. Link Lab produced 25 varieties of sausage, sourcing meat from over a dozen local farms and ranches, and selling 300-500 lbs of sausage each week to Northwest restaurants, retail stores, and institutional buyers. As he puts it, “I don’t come from a family of farmers, chefs, or pork eaters, but I had an important idea about producing great sausage and helping others purchase meat via a responsible food system that we should all be proud of.”

Without a formal background in the industry, David relied on common sense and some untraditional creativity to market, advertise, and grow a loyal and enthusiastic customer base. He now works as a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Food Safety consultant, a banjo player in The Rabbit Stew String Band, and a full-time parent of a very fast 3 year-old son.

How to join us

Our 2014 accomplishments:

  • We sailed our longest trip ever, a successful grains provisioning trip from Ballard to Sequim to Whidbey Island! Thank you to the skipper and crew of S/V Ya Shure, and Nash’s Produce and Sundance Bakery, and local ports for their collaboration with us.
  • Collaborating with Sustainable Bainbridge on a winter product run: Bainbridge to Seattle
  • Collaborating with Skydottir Epic Cookies on sailing their product beyond the Seattle city limits. The Port Townsend Food Co-op is the first peninsula store to enjoy these gluten-free cookies.
  • Experimenting with “packet ship” revival, with collaboration from Ballard Sip & Ship. Check out our in-store flyer at their espresso bar on how you can mail your package on one of our scheduled runs!
  • .

  • Continuing with the organic veggie CSA, and sailing goods over to Port Ludlow/Port Townsend area, and sailing back Finnriver cider
  • Negotiating our first purchase of a cooperative sailboat (shared asset)

We’re also actively recruiting for Board members who want to gracefully transition our communities away from dangerous fossil fuel use and continue building Seattle’s first worker-owned sail transport cooperative in our post-carbon world.

Sailors and other kindred souls

Interested in what skills we look for in the probationary period and the membership process? Please email us at (info (at) salishseatrading.coop) and we’ll send back the simple application for your consideration. Thanks!

Local business or fellow cooperative

We welcome your inquiries about how we can add to your local business sustainability strategy as fossil fuels increase in price and decrease in acceptance. Our shipping rates are reasonable. Email partners (at) salishseatrading.coop and let’s get your local goods sailing over the Blue Highway.

Placing a CSA order with us

We encourage you to read Dharma Ridge’s philosophy, so you can see the care they take in growing all-organic vegetables that result in a box of pure goodness for you and your family.
Box price is still just $30. Cash or check only.

  1. Choose a Sunday delivery and three days before the sailboat leaves, send us an email to orders (at) salishseatrading.coop
    Example: you’d like the 8/24 Sunday delivery. The sailboat leaves on 8/22. You send your email on 8/19.
  2. Receive an acknowledgment email back and if you’re a new customer, our reminder for a $5 box deposit.
  3. Swing by our storefront partner, Toast Ballard, on the delivery Sunday, between 10 AM – 12 PM. Chat with the crew and hear how the sail went.
  4. Head home with your box for unpacking and enjoyment!
  5. Repeat as needed—join your neighbors in building community resiliency.

2014 Sail Transport Schedule

Blue Highway: Ballard-Port Ludlow
6/27- 6/29
8/8-8/10 (cancelled-no peer-shared boat available)
9/19-9/21 (via S/V Zipcar)
11/23 (special trip for our Thanksgiving tables)

Test Sails

Development underway for early Winter 2015:

Blue Highway: Ballard-Bainbridge

Local goods wanted for end-of-October sail.

Completed: Blue Highway: Ballard-Whidbey Island

Local goods wanted for mid-October sail.

Upcoming meetings

2015 Season Planning

Saturday, March 7th, 2015, 2 – 4 pm, Ballard Library

Please join us as we take stock of sailboat/crew capacity and co-op relationships, and figure out a pragmatic business plan and strategy. Update on the renovated cargo boat status.

Early Fall 2014 meeting (not a quorum meeting)

Focus: Seattle/Whidbey Island route development
Wednesday, September 10th, 2014, 6:00 – 7 pm, Ballard Coffee Works (2060 Market Street NW)

On hold for now, the new, small node open-source Food Hub we’re developing with help from the Australian Open Food Hub Foundation. Please email tech (at) salishseatrading.coop to reach our IT Director.


Our Facebook page, updated weekly, is the easiest way to get updates on your neighborhood sailors. We’ve set it to “public” so you don’t need a Facebook account–any ol’ browser should do. Thanks for visiting and your interest in small-scale community sail transport!

We support Initiative 522!

Aargh, ye scalliwags! Don’t be goin’ about messing with our CSA vegetables or other food!

Contact Us

“They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters…”
Psalms, 107:23-30, KJV

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